Traces of the Vikings

Tid: 2017 during opening hours (Starting at the Winter break, Feb 13).
Sted: The Viking Museum at Ladby

Find traces from the Viking period and be part of a guessing competition.

Now you can test what you know about the Vikings and the Viking period by looking for traces. Today we still use many words and expressions, for example, that come from the Vikings. Do you know them? Play detective and find out more about the Vikings’ way of life and their everyday habits.


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Odin has arisen
12. October 2016

A fine little metal figure, only 5 cm (2”) tall, popped out of the earth.

Terrific summer at the Viking Museum
7. October 2016
The Viking Museum Ladby

More than 10,000 people visited the Viking Museum at Ladby during the school summer holidays. That is more guests during that period than ever before.

A viking king on a horse found on Eastern Funen
27. May 2016
Vikingemuseet Ladby

The extraordinary find may give us a hint to what the Ladby king may have looked like.

Extraordinary find: Denmarks oldest crucifix
17. March 2016
Vikingemuseet Ladby

The Christ from Aunslev will be exhibited at Vikingemuseet Ladby through easter 2016.