Terrific summer at the Viking Museum

07. October 2016 | The Viking Museum Ladby

More than 10,000 people visited the Viking Museum at Ladby during the school summer holidays this year, which is a record.

Lots of happy summer guests from Denmark and other countries found their way to the old ship in its burial mound and to the new Ladby Dragon ship in the fjord. In fact, the month of July, 2016 had the highest attendance in the museum’s history, with 8,000 visitors, double the amount in the same month only five years ago.

Known outside of Denmark
“The museum is in a rapid development phase, both in terms of activities, ambitions and visitors,” according to department head Claus Frederik Sørensen. “We can with great satisfaction see that many Danes and foreigners have spotted the Viking Museum and its story about the Ladby king and his ship. The Viking period and Viking ships are popular well beyond the boundaries of Denmark.”

In June and July, almost 25% more foreigners visited the Viking Museum at Ladby than the year before, and the late summer period, when the number of foreign visitors is usually high, looks promising for the museum. The foreign visitors are easy to spot at the little museum in Ladby, since 19% of museum guests came from other countries in 2015. In 2016, it is Germans, Norwegians, British people and Americans in particular that have visited the museum in larger numbers than previously.

High activity level
The launched replica of the Ladby Ship is one of the attractions at the Viking Museum this summer, but also the high activity level, with exhibitions, quizzes and summer activities, has drawn visitors to the museum.

Over 800 children and adults tried their hands at summer activities like Viking braiding (slentring, with 5 strands of yarn), knot-tying and archery during the five weeks of summer holidays. The activities took place two days a week. Many heard good stories during free guided tours, had a chat with the embroidery crew (working on the Ladby Tapestry), or got absorbed in the two special exhibitions, “Viking Fashion” and “Old and New Gods”. No less than 1500 children took part in the quiz “Do you know the Vikings?” during July. Both exhibitions are still on view and the quiz will continue for the rest of the year.


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Terrific summer at the Viking Museum
7. October 2016
The Viking Museum Ladby

More than 10,000 people visited the Viking Museum at Ladby during the school summer holidays. That is more guests during that period than ever before.