Vikings at War

Tid: June, 7 2019 - May, 31 2020
Sted: The Viking Museum at Ladby

Come and see weapons, unique finds and fascinating artefacts!


Learn about the Vikings’ weapons and see unique objects and finds that tell about the harsh realities the Vikings faced as warriors.

Everybody knows the story about the fearless, Nordic Vikings - strong warriors, who were able to survive and excel in a society marked by unrest, violence and war. But what do we actually know about the Vikings, their capabilities as fighters and their weapons and equipment? Where does our knowledge stem from? What do the written sources say, and what do the archaeologists find in the ground, in graves and on settlement sites?

The Ladby king was buried in around 925 AD in his glorious ship, with countless grave gifts, including weapons like a shield, a quiver of arrows and an axe. Who the Ladby king was, and what his life was like, no one knows. We don’t know whether he was considered a peace-loving or a conflict-seeking leader by his contemporaries. However, from what we know about Viking society, it is unthinkable that a powerful man like the Ladby king would not have been trained in the use of weapons and fighting techniques since childhood.

This exhibition casts light on yet another chapter of “The World of the Ladby King”, and it has as its purpose - in addition to showing off some of the Vikings’ gorgeous weapons - to question our fixed ideas about the Vikings. Maybe it will make us curious about the subject!

The exhibition is in cooperation with Langeland Museum, which has been so kind as to lend us objects for display.


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