Viking games at the Viking Museum in Ladby

Tid: 14. october to 18. october at 12PM to 3PM
Sted: The Viking Museum in Ladby

You can try out some Viking games for the whole family.

The fall break is play time! The Vikings’ children had toys, too, so come and see what they played with back then.


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Bronze Age Finds at Ullerslev
29. May 2019
Viking Museum Ladby

Spectacular Detector Finds from the Bronze Age Indicate the Outlines of a Sacred Landscape at Ullerslev.

Hall Even Older Than First Assumed
29. May 2019
Viking Museum Ladby

What we believed was a large Viking hall on Munkebo Hill turns out to be the biggest building on Funen from the Late Germanic Iron Age.

Almost 12.000 people saw the ghost ship
27. November 2018
Viking Museum Ladby

The Ghost Ship attracted 12,000 visitors

Viking Games in Summer Heat
26. October 2018
Viking Museum Ladby

Travel back and play as a viking child