Launching the Ladby Dragon

Tid: Thursday, April 26, 2018, 4:00-8:00 PM
Sted: The Viking Museum at Ladby

Now the Ladby Dragon is ready for another season on the water!

We will celebrate the eve of Great Prayer Day (Store Bededag) by launching the Ladby Dragon once again. Bring your picnic basket along and relax on and near the burial mound.

Come spring, every true Viking begins to feel restless. The Viking ship must be put in the water again, heading out to sea, with the oars pulling through the waves!

Free admission includes a guided tour in the burial mound.


Ghost ship in Kertinge Bay
September 8 - October 21, 7-10 PM
Munkebo Harbour

A Viking ghost ship will be created out of light and water alone, on the water off Munkebo Harbour.



The Ladby Dragon launched for a new season
18. June 2018
Vikingemuseet Ladby

The Ladby Dragon was launched along with a demonstration of Viking fighting and special holiday buns.

The new Viking house at Bytoften will be finished by the summer
28. March 2018
Landscape and Archaeology

The first turf has been dug for the new Viking house. It will tie things together at this exciting, recreative area with its deep historical roots.

The Ladby Dragon was in the finals of the Funen Culture Prize
5. December 2017
The Viking Museum at Ladby

We can say, with pride, that our beautiful Ladby Dragon, launched on May 11, 2016, was one of five finalists for the Funen Culture Prize 2017.

The signal made it!
5. December 2017
The Viking Museum at Ladby

It worked! It is possible to send a message over long distances with the help of beacons with signal fires - and it is fast!