Ghost ship in Kertinge Bay

Tid: September 8 - October 21, 7-10 PM
Sted: Munkebo Harbour

A Viking ghost ship will be created out of light and water alone, on the water off Munkebo Harbour.


This work of art will tell the story of Kertinge Bay as an important meeting place for the Vikings’ mighty ships.

Every evening from 7 -10 PM, from September 8 until October 21, you will be able to see a Viking ship in the fjord off Munkebo Harbour.

International light magicians

To make the ghost ship appear, we have enlisted a team of “light magicians” from Biangle Studio. They have previously made “The Flying Dutchman” sail in Amsterdam, and other beautiful, historical ships have been recreated in Bucharest, Berlin and Liverpool. Their next stop is Munkebo, where the ghost ship will take the form of a Viking ship.

See images and videos of other appearances of the ghost ship here.

Focus on the Vikings’ highways

The ghost ship off Munkebo is part of a project called “From Central Space to Urban Place” and will focus on the important role the fjords played in the past. They were actually the highways in ancient times, right up until the end of the Viking period.

Reporting on research

The ghost ship is part of a project called “From Central Space to Urban Place - from the Central Areas of the Iron Age to the Towns of the Middle Ages”, which includes research, reporting and education. The project is headed up by Odense City Museums and is being carried out during the period 2017-20, in cooperation with the Museums of Eastern Funen, Northern Jutland Historical Museum, Moesgård Museum, the University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University and Copenhagen University. 

The project will investigate the development from the central areas of the Iron Age, which bear certain resemblances to towns, to the towns of the Viking period and the Middle Ages, where central functions were concentrated in one place. Investigations are going on the areas of Odense Fjord, Kerteminde Fjord and the central and eastern parts of the Limfjord. 

The project is supported by the Velux Foundation.

Photos above: the ghost ship has previously been presented in Amsterdam, Liverpool, Berlin and Bucharest. In these places, the ghost ship was shaped like “The Flying Dutchman”.

Video: The ship returns to life in May, 2018 in Liverpool.


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