Autumn Holidays 2018

Spend Autumn Holidays at the Viking Museum Ladby where you can create your own Viking-fairytale. 
The Viking Museum Ladby offers exciting activities for the whole family. You can try to train as a real viking, take part in a quizz, meet Costume Ladies, enjoy the magic og the Ghost Ship or get closer to Ladby King and his World. 

 Click the following links for further information about time and place of activities and exhibitions. . Activities are free of charge, once a ticket to the museum has been purchased. Admission for children and young people under the age of 18 is free!

Family activities:

Autumn Holidays at the Viking Museum at Ladby
Come and join our funny and creative activities for the whole family. They are both inside and outside.
Monday to Friday, 12-15

Ghost Ship in Kertinge Bay
Munkebo Harbour invites you to come and enjoy a magic masterpiece - Ghost Ship, made of water and light
Monday to Sunday, 19-22

Follow Hugin and Munin
Test your knowledge about Odin’s two ravens, Hugin and Munin, in this year’s quiz for the whole family.
Monday to Sunday, 10-16

Meet the Costume Ladies
Meet the Costume Ladies, who sew Viking clothes. 
Thursday, October 18, 10-13


The World og Ladby King
Dive into a story about the Viking pagan princes – their daily life, homes, death and religion.
Monday to Sunday, 10-16

The Ladby Tapestry
 Come and enjoy the view of the Ladby Tapestry at the Viking Museum at Ladby, which introduces the whole story about the Ladby King, the Ladby Ship, the find of the burial mound, etc.
Monday to Sunday, 10-16


Here you can read more about other activities at Østfyns Museums in Autumn Holidays.



Autumn Holidays at Viking Museum Ladby
October 15-19, 12-15
Viking Museum Ladby

Activities for the whole family - both outside and inside  the Museum.


The Ladby Dragon launched for a new season
18. June 2018
Vikingemuseet Ladby

The Ladby Dragon was launched along with a demonstration of Viking fighting and special holiday buns.

The new Viking house at Bytoften will be finished by the summer
28. March 2018
Landscape and Archaeology

The first turf has been dug for the new Viking house. It will tie things together at this exciting, recreative area with its deep historical roots.

The Ladby Dragon was in the finals of the Funen Culture Prize
5. December 2017
The Viking Museum at Ladby

We can say, with pride, that our beautiful Ladby Dragon, launched on May 11, 2016, was one of five finalists for the Funen Culture Prize 2017.

The signal made it!
5. December 2017
The Viking Museum at Ladby

It worked! It is possible to send a message over long distances with the help of beacons with signal fires - and it is fast!