Viking Games in Summer Heat

26. October 2018 | Viking Museum Ladby

Are you trying to find something fun to do with family and friends during the summer holidays? Then try playing one of these games from the Viking period. If you do, you’ll laugh and sweat at your campground, at the beach or at your summer cottage!

The Viking Museum at Ladby presents four fun Viking games that everyone can play.

Game 1: Fat pin

Fat Pin is a game for two people, a test of strength, where you have to wrest a pin out of your opponent’s hand. The challenge is this: the pin is covered with grease! You just need a stick or pin with no splinters, and some grease, soap or lotion to “butter” it with. And a good playmate!

Game 2: Giving birth to a bear

“Giving birth to a bear” is a game for three people. You lie crosswise on top of each other, with the topmost and the person on the bottom holding onto each others’ feet to keep the middle person from squeezing through. This can sometimes be a very hard task for the middleman!

Game 3: Poke out Odin’s eye

“Poke out Odin’s eye” is a test of strength between two players, who must stand with their backs to each other. In front of each player, there’s a tall block that they are both trying to knock over. To do this, they need to use the stick that they both have between their legs. The goal for each player is knock over the block in front of him or her, which is really hard, because their opponent is pulling the other way on the stick. If you want, you can paint “Odin’s eye” on the two tall blocks.

Game 4: Go to Iceland to get herring

The game is a both a test of strength (of abdominal muscles), and of balance. You take turns trying to move a little stump further away from you than your opponent’s, whilst you stand with your feet unmoving and only can move your arms, which are resting on two other stumps. It demands good abdominal muscles and good balance to move your stump any distance. If you fall, you’re out. The winner is the one who moves his/her stump the farthest.



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