The Ladby king has his very own mead

26. October 2018 | Viking Museum Ladby

The mead of Ladby King can be drunk as a lively aperitif - with or without angelica.

While beer was drunk every day in Denmark during the Viking period, mead was saved for special occasions. One of the reasons was that mead contains honey, which was a luxury item back then. We imagine that the Ladby king served mead when he received guests in his manor house.

The brewery Mjødgård has produced this fine mead for the Viking Museum at Ladby.

The Ladby King’s Mead can be purchased with or without angelica, which gives a fine bitterness to the sweet taste of honey in the mead.

The mead has been aged in wooden barrels. It can be purchased in bottles holding 70 centilitres or 35 centilitres. 


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