Many Visitors Has Seen the Viking Ship Made of Light and Water

26. October 2018 |

Hundreds of curious people has visited Munkebo harbour to see the Ladby Ship’s “ghost” of light and water.

When darkness fell in Munkebo, a Viking ship made of light and water appeared over the fjord. It had been created by an international team of light architects, who used water cannons and light projectors to create a three-dimensional visual projection of the Ladby Ship.

The light projection was turned on every evening at 7 PM and could be seen until 10 PM until October 21.

The ghost ship launched to remind us that Kerteminde Fjord and Kertinge Nor (the innermost bay) were important traffic arteries in the Viking period. Based on countless archaeological finds, we know that the fjord system was especially well-travelled in Viking times.

The Ghost Ship project had been carried out by the Museums of Eastern Funen in cooperation with the volunteer organisation, “Virk og Gro” in Munkebo. It is part of a research and teaching project “From Central Space to Urban Place”.



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