A book about the Viking Museum at Ladby has been published in English

22. May 2015 | The Vikingmuseum Ladby

The new book about the Viking Museum at Ladby now has an English version: The Viking Museum at Ladby - Grave, Ship and Museum. The book tells the story of the Ladby Ship, which was the last resting place of a Viking king from eastern Funen more than 1000 years ago.

 Kjerteminde News reviewed the Danish version:

The Viking Museum at Ladby - Grave, Ship and Museum gives a colourful and lively introduction to the Ladby Ship - Denmark’s only Viking ship grave, and the only place in the world where a Viking ship burial can be seen on its original spot. The book recounts the story of the Ladby king’s funeral in the beautiful ship, which was meant to sail him to the Kingdom of the Dead, well-equipped with fine grave goods. The 21.5 m. long and 3 m. wide Ladby Ship also functioned as a sailing ship, and this story is also told. Then the landscape the Ladby king lived in is described, the land of Vikings. Lastly, the story of the museum built over the Ladby Ship is told, The Viking Museum at Ladby, with its ambition of being an active museum for everyone to enjoy.”

The book was written by Mette Ladegaard Thøgersen, is 76 pages long and costs 68 kr. The book was translated to English by Lucy Bergström.



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